englishman in nashvilleFrom the website name you may have (correctly!) guessed that I am that Englishman in Nashville. My name is Alex and I moved here 18 months ago when I met a wonderful Nashville girl and we got married earlier last year. She is a restaurant manager and I am someone who plays with websites and provides SEO services for my own sites and for others. My aim at the moment is now to concentrate fully on this blog and see what happens…

When I first arrived here I was blown away by the huge number and diversity of the Nashville restaurant scene. This is not just Music City, it’s Food City too. I love food, both the restaurant scene and also cooking myself. I’ve been introduced to a new world of cuisine here and I hope to offer back some English cuisine in return (it’s not all bad), so as well as reviewing as many great restaurants as we can get too, I will also be providing some British recipes tailored specifically for my new American friends.

I’m always happy to chat with new people so hit me up through the contact page if you want to chat about anything!


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